ml_collections.config_flags.config_flags.GetType(config_path: str, config: Any, normalize=True)

Gets type of field in config described by a config_path.

Example usage:
>>> config = {'a': {'b', {'c', 10}}}
>>> assert config_path.get_type('a.b.c', config) is int
  • config_path – Any string that split can process.
  • config – A nested datastructure
  • normalize – whether to normalize the type (in particular
  • Optional annotations on dataclass fields) (strip) –

The type of last object when walking config with config_path.

  • IndexError – Integer field not found in nested structure.
  • KeyError – Non-integer field not found in nested structure.
  • ValueError – Empty/invalid config_path after parsing.
  • TypeError – Ambiguous type annotation on dataclass field.